Portability Policy for

Scrapplet is the ultimate mashup platform for the web. Consolidate, extend, and enhance content from all over the internet and share with your friends, family, co-workers, or the entire world. Use the power and flexibility of drag and drop to unleash unlimited creativity!

RadWeb Technologies, LLC. and scrapplet.com take the portability of your data seriously. Please read the following to learn more about our Portability Policies, or visit DataPortability.org for additional information.

APIs and Data Formats:YES - our APIs and Data Formats are documented and can be found here: http://www.scrapplet.com/content/developers/
Identity and Authentication:NEW OR EXISTING ACCOUNT - Users can create a new account that is native to this site, or by using an identity authenticated by a third party that they trust, this includes: Google, Facebook, MySpace, OpenID.
Working with Things Stored Somewhere Else:HOME and VISITOR - elements used within this site may be housed or uploaded within the site, as well as located on other sites, provided the other sites allow such access.
Watching For Updates:WATCH FOR UPDATES - This site is capable of watching additional sites for updated content.
Broadcasting Changes Made Here:CHATTY - Updates made here are also forwarded to a third party.
Access from Other Products:READ AND WRITE - Users can provide a third party with authentication credentials, and can both read and write data managed by this product.
Backing Up:FULL DOWNLOAD - The product provides an open, DRM-free way for people to download all of the things they've provided to the product, or remotely access it using a third party product.
Public Data:FULL ACCESS - Users may export or download any data to which they have access on this product, subject to reasonable usage and abuse rules.
Closing An Account:IMMORTAL ACCOUNTS - Accounts or passwords, once created, are assumed to live for as long as the product is available. Desktop applications and other stand-alone products that do not have host services may have no way to remotely revoke accounts or passwords.

DATA EXPIRES - Data this product copies from other sites will expire in a set amount of time. This product must be linked to a place where it can refresh or synchronize data in order to stay current. Data expires: subject to individual provider expiration.

ACCOUNTS DELETED UPON REQUEST - This product has the ability to remove a person's account and all relevant data, and will do so when requested by the person or third party with appropriate legal standing.

Where Things Are Stored:DISCLOSED - This product provides information about where it stores your data in the real world.

Portability Policy, version 1.0, updated May 18, 2010.
http://www.portabilitypolicy.org, http://www.dataportability.org