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Scrapplet is the Mashup King!
Drag and drop the world and consolidate it in Scrapplet: text, images, video, music, widgets, websites, and so much more! Scrapplet combines power, flexibility, and ease of use -- the ultimate mashup integration, distribution, and web application platform.

Scrapplet lets you:
» Drag & Drop Everything
» Create web pages, websites,
   and web applications
» Mashup Your World
» Enhance social networks,
   websites, wikis, and blogs!
» Consolidate, Communicate,
   Aggregate, and Share
» Put Web 2.0 to work for you

Scrapplet is for:
» Individuals
» Groups
» Businesses
» Developers

Where are you on the web?
Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, FriendFeed, Flickr, Photobucket, YouTube, Yahoo, Google, and more. If you're on more than one of these services, Scrapplet makes it easy to integrate your distributed web presence into a single virtual place.
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